Events: 2017 National Specialty Show


GSPCC National Specialty Show ~ Saturday, July 15th, 2017.

Held in conjunction with the Evelyn Kenney K & O C All Breed Shows & Specialties

Springbank Park for All Seasons, Calgary, AB


There will be SEVEN sets of points available to GSP participants:

4 All Breed Shows - July 13th through 16th

Westwinds Sporting Dog Specialty - Friday, July 14th

National Specialty Show - Saturday, July 15th

Regional Specialty Show - Sunday, July 16th

These shows are held during the last weekend of the Calgary Stampede. For those of

you wishing a visit to the “Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth”, place the dates on your

calendar and join us for what will be a great weekend of dogs, western hospitality, and a

chance to enjoy what is hoped to be a great entry in our breed.

Stay tuned for further details!


Premium List for the GSPCC National Specialty 2017

Premium List for Westwinds Sporting Specialties and All Breed Shows

Show Secretary: DogShow.ca

PLEASE NOTE: Entries close June 28th, 2017 10pm MDT

Entries can be made through: DogShow.ca

NSS Judging Program

RSS Judging Program


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