The GSPCC has had a long and close relationship with Pointing Dog Rescue Canada  

PDRC needs your help – whether to foster a dog in need or your generous donation.

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There are other Organizations for you to consider in your search for a Rescue Companion.


GSPCC encourages everyone considering adopting a rescue GSP shown available on our website to contact the organization presently caring for these dogs in need.  However, the GSPCC cannot and does not inspect, monitor or regulate these organizations, or their business practices as they are totally independent and not connected to our club.  We are posting these dogs on our website to bring more visibility to their situation.  It is the obligation of the adopter/purchaser to make informed decisions whether to complete the adoption of a German Shorthaired Pointer located at any of these organizations.

GSPCC does not endorse, guarantee, recommend or approve any particular Rescue Organization. The GSPCC disclaims any liability or obligation for the health, temperament or any other aspects of German Shorthaired Pointers adopted/purchased through Rescue Organizations identified by use of this site.